Marvel Comics: EIC Axel Alonso On Nova and Point One

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11/11/2011 - 11:00pm


picIn this week's "Axel-In-Charge" over at CBR, Marvel Comics EIC Axel Alonso spoke about the recent Point One issue that hit earlier this week.

This issue saw a Nova headlining the issue with introduction of a big Marvel event involving the Phoenix.

For fans of Nova, probably the most important thing said is the following (see below and original article for more):

I’m not going to say much more about our future plans for Nova, but I will say that [the “Point One” story] is a glimpse of the character as you’ll see him in 2012 [Laughter] 

For more on Nova, the following was stated:

“Point One” was all Tom Brevoort. He did the legwork to make it happen – like engineering Jeph [Loeb] and Ed [McGuinness]’s Nova story, which is a big tease what’s in store for the Marvel Universe very soon.

Obviously there's a difference between the Nova story, which is tease for next year’s big event, and the “Age of Apocalypse” story, which is set in an alternate reality and spins out of the popular "Uncanny X-Force." They don’t impact the Marvel Universe in exactly the same way.

Not only does this Nova story play largely into the future of the Marvel U, but the Defenders story reveals some pretty shocking secrets, and Scarlet Spider is one of next year’s major launches.

CBR: Looking at the stories on their own, you've been talking for a while about the impending important role of Nova. At the same time, Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness have really cemented their partnership in a way that makes it feel like they're never not working on something together. At what point did that team and the idea of Nova's reinvention cross over?
Alonso: Jeph and Ed are like Jordan and Pippen, Stockton and Malone! [Laughter] That’s a basketball reference. Yeah, those two have strong chemistry, no doubt. Jeph has a strong vision for who Nova should be in the Marvel Universe, and Ed is the perfect artist because he has power that can’t be contained on the page – kinda like Nova himself. I’m not going to say much more about our future plans for Nova, but I will say that [the “Point One” story] is a glimpse of the character as you’ll see him in 2012 [Laughter] and it includes a nifty two-page spread should give you a loud-and-clear idea what type of $%#$storm is headed to the Marvel Universe.
CBR: The last time we saw some form of Nova, he was presumed dead in a collapsed pocket universe. These things happen. What can you say about the appearance of this Nova? Can we assume this is Rich Rider? If not, what's the status of the Xandar Worldmind and the Nova Corps?
Alonso: My lips are sealed.
Also worthwhile:
All I’ll say is that the Phoenix story is not part of a cosmic event, but a Marvel Universe event.
"Point One" gives us a platform to showcase the stuff that we're most excited about, or, in the case of the Nova story, to provide a lead in to the next big event.

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