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Marvel Allowing Retailers To Sell Fantastic Four #587 a day early - Tuesday January 25th


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Looks like Marvel couldn't wait either!

Or maybe they know word would spread like rapid fire as Diamond now ships books to local comic shops a day early. Shops are not supposed to sell them until Wednesday. Certainly, no one was going to spill the beans?!

Anyway, Marvel will allow retailers to sell Fantastic Four #587 on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011. This is the black-bagged "Death" issue and has attracted a lot of mainstream attention. This is the ONLY issue they are allowing to be sold early.

This has been confirmed by Golden Apple ComicsComic List and additional comic shops via twitter. Come morning, Marvel will certainly comment in an official press release.

Updated 1/21/11 11:13am Eastern:


Due to the expected mass media attention scheduled for Tuesday, January 25th, Marvel is allowing retailers who have received copies of Fantastic Four #587 to make it available that day. No other new Marvel titles with an on-sale of 1/26/11 may be made available that day.

This unexpected opportunity is a result of both the new earlier shipping schedule and worldwide mass media coverage. Marvel cannot guarantee the secured press placement will hit on 1/25 (as other breaking news may bump it), though if it does, retailers who have received the issue may sell their copies. For retailers who don’t receive early shipments, or have customers calling in advance of the shipment arrival, Marvel encourages them to take down customer information and inform them when copies do arrive.

Looks like "Black Wednesday" is becoming "Black Tuesday."

Who do you think is going to die? Here is my guess.