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Matt McGloin

Marvel Announces Identity Wars: Alternate Universe Annual Crossover



Marvel announces "Identity Wars" a three issue annual crossover that takes place in April's Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38 and continues in annuals for Incredible Hulk and Deadpool.

"Identity Wars" is being written by John Layman with new artist, Lee Garbett.

Layman had this to say:

“Each annual features an alternate reality analogue version of the series' star in many ways the ‘opposite’ of the [characters] we are familiar [with],” explains Layman. “It's a study of contrasts of what actually makes Spider-Man, and Deadpool, and the Hulk, but [also] an excuse to have a lot fun and explore a very skewed corner of the Marvel Universe.

“AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #38 is basically a matter of both Bruce Banner and Peter Parker being at the wrong place at the wrong time, when a caper involving Deadpool  goes awry, and all three end up stuck in a parallel universe where all three of their respective lives have been turned upside down. I worked out a story that is both a three-part crossover involving each, but each respective annual is designed to be self-contained enough that it can be enjoyed  it on its own.”