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Marvel All Ages Comic Books Done For "Quite A While"


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Newsarama reports that Marvel's "All Ages" Line of comics are canceled, according to writer Brian Clevinger.

Clevinger is the writer behind the "All Ages" Captain America: The Fighting Avenger which was supposed to be an ongoing (as well as Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet and Captain America & The Korvac Saga minis) .

Then it was downgraded to a four issue mini.

Then two issues.

Now it is just one issue - double sized with #'s 1 and 2. Interesting it is only $3.99, and not $4.99 like another double-sized issue that hits in March.

Clevinger states the reason being, that these titles "aren't profitable":

'Captain America: The Fighting Avenger will be one of the last “all ages” issues of anything Marvel will produce for quite a while. Because they “aren’t profitable.”'

The "All Ages" Thor: The Mighty Avenger was recently canceled as well, which was intended to be an ongoing. TMA drew a lot of praise from critics and fans alike. Perhaps, it just couldn't catch on because it was "out of continuity" - or maybe it just wasn't given enough time, as recently, Marvel drops the axe if a title doesn't make it out of the gate.

Are the "All-Ages" Spider-Man and Super-Hero (Marvel Ages) titles canceled, as well? They are listed in the Marvel Comics April Solicits. I noticed the Super Hero Squad Show comic to be absent from recent solicits. Too bad, my six year old loved that one.

Clevinger on his Blog leaves us with this:

"Now, it’s disappointing to have a series cancelled. Even more so when it’s cancelled before it’s given a fair shake. But that’s freelance and I’m cool with it. Life goes on.

What I mourn here is the largest comics publisher in America giving up on fun and accessible comics.

I invite you guys and gals to help me make a stand. You made the industry take notice of a fun and accessible comic once. Will you do it again?"

Fight on, Captain! Fight on!

Updated: 1/23/11 5:28pm Eastern:

Marvel VP of Sales, David Gabriel, debunked the notion that the "All Ages" line is done for when he posted the following in the Marvel Masteworks Fansite forum:

Marvel is not stopping the all ages lines! An exciting announcement is coming in just a few weeks that will expand upon this as well. Ourall ages titles have great success well outside of the direct market, as well as the success they have with indivual stores within the direct market. I just like to stop rumors like this from spreading!

Tom Brevoort also responded via twitter to Cosmic Book News: "Absolutely not true."


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