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Matt McGloin

The Martians Are Coming! The Martians Are Coming! Next Marvel Event?


(Editor's Note: For even further speculation head on over and read FEAR Marvel's Next Big Event! Reality War?) Or better yet - the Martians are already here! As Bleeding Cool and specifically Colin Bell of point out, there has been a common occurrence among certain Marvel books as of late - and that's the appearance of the Martian Tripods. At the end of Captain America: Reborn we were left with a vision of the future where the Tripods were shown with a lone Captain America. In the recent Avengers #4, the Martians appeared again with Killraven. Then in Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man #32 more of the Tripods appeared. This might tie in to the recent Marvel press release Marvel Unveils The ARCHITECTS that mentions a number of secret creator projects from Bendis, Brubaker, Jason Aaron, Jonathan Hickman - and Matt Fraction who is said to be behind an upcoming "secret event." The Tripods and Killraven even appeared in DnA's recent run on Guardians of The Galaxy. We do know more Marvel Cosmic news is on the way. Cosmic Avengers anyone? I do hope this is all connected and Marvel makes this one heck of a huge event! Inks from GoTG #18: