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Mark Millar Warns What Comic Book Fans Already Know: Don't Overuse Wolverine


5050 Comic book scribe Mark Millar is the creative consultant for Fox Studios' line of Marvel related movies which includes Fantastic Four, the X-Men and the Wolverine movies.

Millar came on board shortly after James Mangold began work on The Wolverine, which focuses on Hugh Jackman's character solely.

Talking to SciFi Now (via Total Film), Millar doesn't think it's an issue that Wolverine will be featured in a standalone movie, without the other X-Men.

"I don't think it detracts having individual Wolverine adventures from the X-Men. He's like a lone wolf character, he disappears and does his own thing sometimes and then he comes back and hangs out at the mansion, so it does feel quite natural for him to be in these movies," he said.

However, as Millar is a comic book fan as well as a writer, perhaps he realizes what a lot of fans do -- that Marvel Comics over saturates the comic book market with their popular characters by putting them in a half dozen or more books leading to loss of interest as the reader feels overburdened attempting to keep up with everything - and at the same time - all the appearances seem to diminish the importance of the other books. If you think about it, as the said character appears in so many books, when they are used in an attempt to increase sales in a lesser known title -- what exactly is the incentive?

While we don't know if those are Millar's thoughts, Millar does say too much Wolverine would be just that -- too much.

"You don't want to have him out there all the time, because I think if you've got him in X-Men and Wolverine movies and they're all running at the same time, it's a little bit too much but as long as you're smart with it then there's a lot of other characters to explore," Millar said.

Interestingly enough, and seemingly contrary to Millar's words, Hugh Jackman will be reprising Wolverine in Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past, and the latest has it that Wolverine will be more featured in the movie (probably due to him not aging) compared to the rest of the X-Men characters from the previous original X-Men movies.

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