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Man of Steel More Action-Packed Than Avengers; Compared To Batman Begins


5975 Reports of early screenings have been hitting the net about Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill's new Superman movie, Man of Steel.

The latest comes from a user at the NeoGAF forums who seems to be more of a Batman fan than a Superman fan as he compares the Man of Steel to his favorite, Batman Begins.

He compares the Man of Steel to The Matrix and The Avengers as well, and an earlier report compared it to the Assemblers vs. Watchmen.

There are really no spoilers posted, just general observations with some detail.

Here are the highlights:

• Gives it a top 3 among superhero movies

• Says Superman fans will love this

• Best live-action version of Superman

• Fans of Nolan Batman Trilogy will take to this quite quickly

• A reserved and more character focused tale, but it also has comic elements

• Slightly less serious/grounded than Batman Begins

• Potential Spoiler:

The first is him coming to terms with his role as a potential protector of humanity, a conflict fueled by various events in his life, which brings us the first amazing and climactic point of the movie with the birth of Superman. The second is the reality of the existence of Superman on humanity and him coming to peace with what that means for him and how he is perceived. This obviously brings us the major climax of the movie, supported by an ass whooping.

• Action is great; compared to The Matrix

• Potential Spoiler:

There are about four major setpieces. Then there are a lot of little action moments in between.

• There is one moment near the end where you will go, this is f-cking Superman.

• Says action is better than The Avengers:  "I enjoyed the action in this movie more than any other superhero movie because it just had a lot of weight behind it."

• Also, damn Zod is badass. Too badass. He comes out with some next level quotes. 

• Kevin Costner is the "My-Cocaine" of the movie

• The music is very nice. At times slow and emotional, and at others sweeping and epic. The new theme is good. Different, but good. It fits the Man of Steel.

• More importantly, it's brought Superman from being that little p-ssy who is always in the shadow of the Goddamn Batman, to more of an equal standing.

• Sequel is set up with villains hinted

Man of Steel opens June 14th in IMAX 3D rated PG-13 directed by Zack Snyder.

For more news, head on over to the Cosmic Book News Man of Steel hub.

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