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LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Set Confirms Knowhere


While not officially confirmed for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, a new image of a LEGO set from the Toy Fair features the Nowhere Escape Mission.

In the comics, Knowhere is the base of the Guardians of the Galaxy and is a severed head of a Celestial. The Russian psychic dog Cosmo runs security on the base. Previously, James Gunn seemed to tease Cosmo in the form of a strange image.

The following image from Twitter isn't that clear, but it looks as if Knowhere is actually spelled differently with "Knowhare," which may signify it's different in the movie. Hopefully a clearer image pops up online and gives us a better look.


"Guardians of the Galaxy" has an August 1, 2014 release in the U.S.

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