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Kevin Smith Talks Ben Affleck Batsuit & DC & Marvel Comic Book Movies



Kevin Smith participated in a Reddit QnA earlier today to bring attention to his charity fund raiser aimed at ending child trafficking.

Of course as Smith is friend to the new Batman, Ben Affleck, he was asked about the new Batsuit.

Smith offers some hints that we haven't seen the Ben Affleck Batsuit before, and that it is iconic.

That'd be code for "It's not my detail to give away; all I can say is that every Bat-fan will love it. We've never seen this suit on screen before. And this is a suit that's iconic as fuck. So take from that what you will. Meantime, if you catch Matt Damon on his AMA, he might have more details.

Smith is questioned if he is involved with Ben Affleck as well as the new direction of Batman, to which he replies he is not.

I'm not involved at all. I'm just a big, fat cheerleader, blinded by love of both Batman and the dude I used to work with a lot who's now gonna play him. Strange collision of lifetime passions - which, make no mistake, sounds exactly as homoerotic as I intended. In MALLRATS opening credits, Ben is depicted on cover of BUTTMAN ADVENTURES comic book. In the CHASING AMY commentary track, I say to Ben "You can be Clooney." He says "I can be Clooney." And I ask "But can you be Batman?" In JERSEY GIRL, Ben refers to the street-sweeper as "the BatMobile". And years after all that shit, homey winds up in the cape & cowl. That shit just makes me happy.

But the only words I've exchanged with Ben about the Batman role have been via email. I blew him up when I saw the suit and wrote "Zack showed me you in the suit. I've got the vapors. He wrote back "You saw it?! I haven't even seen the pictures yet! How's it look?" I replied "Fuck you and take all my money. a) Perfect suit. Every fan will love. b) You ARE Batman! c) Can I be Penguin?" Still waiting on a reply. He hasn't said no...

Smith is also asked about the DC and Marvel cinematic universes and if they are doing anything wrong.


And nothing.

There is no wrong. We're getting comic book movies! Who cares if they don't get them 100% right! When I was a kid, the only way you knew The Punisher was The Punisher in THE PUNISHER was because he had a little skull on his knife handle. The movies used to be ashamed of the costumes - going out of their way to fuck with concepts that were perfected over decades in another medium. Now, Loki wears that fucking hat with the horns. Iron Man looks more like Iron Man than the comic book version of Iron Man. Batman can turn his head.

This is a Golden Age of comic book movies. There's nothing wrong. It's all right. They're making comic book movies like they used to churn out westerns. I'm not into cowboys, but I love me a dude in a cape or a lady who will stomp your throat for justice. So I'm just a happy consumer.

"Batman Vs Superman" has a newly announced May 6, 2016 release starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

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