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Kevin Feige Hints At Black Panther; Won't Use Female Thor; Thanos In Guardians of the Galaxy 2 & Joaquin Phoenix?



Following the Marvel Studios Comic-Con panel, Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige offered comments on the footage that was shown as well as what's to come.

The Collider managed to briefly speak with Feige following the panel.

Feige wouldn't give specifics in regards to the last scene which featured a broken Captain America shield as well as the Avengers seemingly deadFeige offered with a smirk that what it was, was the last scene of that footage.


Feige is then asked if having Josh Brolin appear at the panel with the Infinity Gauntlet was a sign of things to come. Feige said you could look at it that way, but when asked if it meant Thanos would appear in the newly announced Guardians of the Galaxy 2, replied Thanos could pop up anywhere.

I wouldn't say the tease was that specific necessarily...the timing, but it's a good question. As I say, the fun thing about a connected universe, particularly for Thanos, you get around quickly; you never know when he'll pop up next.

An interesting answer from Kevin Feige came when he was asked about using current Marvel characters in different variations, such as Marvel Comics recently announcing a new female Thor and black Captain America. Feige stated they probably wouldn't go that route, but definitely didn't rule it out as it all depends on the story. Feige added they are more likely to use already existing female Marvel Comics characters as well as African-American characters.


Feige then also remarked "African-African" characters in his reply.

Well, look. The options for us is adapting the comics. If we are able to make as many movies over the years as we hope we are able to make, I think we can pull from any of them. I think it's more likely that we'll see some of the existing female characters from the [comic] books or existing African-American characters or African-African characters from the books come to life before we swap some of the other heroes, but if it becomes a great classic storyline, that's what we want to make movies of.

There are a lot of movies to come with the existing cast, so again it's going to be about introducing the new characters within them.

Feige also wouldn't comment on the rumor of Joaquin Phoenix being up for Doctor Strange, but didn't exactly deny it.

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