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Hawkeye Bores The Sh*t Out Of Joss Whedon? And Death In The Avengers 2



While Joss Whedon may not be able to go bigger in The Avengers 2, the director does state he can do better.

After the European premiere of Much Ado About Nothing, Joss Whedon attended a QnA where he mentioned The Avengers 2 as well as Hawekye.

He was questioned about doing Hamlet with further questioning about doing more Shakespeare. Whedon went on to remark that if he did do it, it would have to be different, which prompted the moderator to mention The Avengers 2.

"That's true," Whedon replied. "When I actually considered doing The Avengers 2, my first question was, 'what can I do that's new?'"

Answering his own question he continued, "Because I can't make it bigger...I can make it better," and went on with "so that is sort of where I am with that."

The moderator then asked if there was anything he could share about The Avengers 2 with the philosophy he's talking about.

"Death, death and death."

It should be noted that Whedon's response might not be meant to be taken literally as the conversation that led up to The Avengers 2 was in regards to no deaths occurring in Much Ado About Nothing. A fan questioned him on that, perhaps implying death in Buffy, which Whedon replied back by stating, "Didn't get to."

However, this isn't the first we have heard Whedon suggest death with The Avengers 2 as he previously made comments about not having a happy ending and "twisting the knife," which we compared to Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back.

There's also another possibility that Joss Whedon means when discussing "death," and that is with Thanos, which Cosmic Book News confirmed was going to appear in the movie by his creator, Jim Starlin, as the Mad Titan is in love and worships the Marvel abstract being known as Death in the comic books.

And during the QnAWhedon also made a joke about Hawkeye, perhaps referencing Jeremy Renner's SNL skit, where he jokingly asked, "When you are battling aliens and thinking 'what is Hawkeye gonna do...[inaudible]?' when comparing the archer to the rather dull and boring character from Much Ado About Nothing, Borachio, who Whedon stated "bores the shit out of me" and "nothing he does really makes that much sense to me."

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The Avengers 2 assembles May 1, 2015 with Iron Man 3 on May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, the Guardians of the Galaxy movie on August 1, 2014 and Ant-Man on November 6, 2015..

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