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/ 2 years 51 weeks ago

Josh Trank May Helm New Venom Movie From Sony


809 Josh Trank, director of the hit movie Chronicle, and also rumored to be attached to the new Fantastic Four movie, has just been associated with another comic book film: Venom, from Sony Pictures.

This news comes via the LA Times, who similar to Variety with FF, says an inside source familiar with the project states Trank is in negotiations for Venom.

According to the Times, a Venom script was penned a few years ago, but their source tells them they are looking for a new writer.

The Times also states the previous Venom/Eddie Brock, Topher Grace from Spider-Man 3, will not be back as Sony is looking for a new leading man to take the role.

Last we heard from Josh Trank was a couple weeks ago where he all but said he wasn't doing Fantastic Four, but he did leave the door open saying no matter if it is a small project or a big one, all that matters is a good story.

Now, Trank did mention he had a deal with Fox and was looking to do work on original ideas, so we'll have to see what comes of this.

For those who may only be familiar with Venom from the movies, in the comics, Brock/Venom goes on to become an anti-hero. We could see that here, otherwise the movie would basically be Spider-Man vs. Venom all over again. The recent showing of Venom in the comics has Venom bonded to friend of Spider-Man, Flash Thompson, who conducts Special Ops for the Govt.

Sony's Amazing Spider-Man comes out this Summer as well, with new Peter Parker/Spidey Andrew Garfield.

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