Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four Run On Marvel App For 99 Cents Each

Posted By: Matt McGloin
11/27/2011 - 9:50pm


fantastic fourWhat a deal!

Marvel has made available the entire Jonathan Hickman Fantastic Four run, on their App, for only 99 cents each.

That's issues #570-588, for a total of 19 issues.

Issue #570 starts off with the cosmic-heavy "Solve Everything" arc that sees the Council of alternate universe Reed Richards introduced. They are sporting Infinity Gauntlets, the Starblast and more - as they take on the Celestials!

Of course the run concludes with #588 -- the post-death issue of Johnny Storm!

I'm not sure how long this lasts, but be sure to get it while it's -- wait for it -- hot!

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