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Jonathan Hickman Says Its Going To Be Exciting For Marvel Cosmic Fans This Year


745 While many Marvel Cosmic fans may be feeling currently a bit slighted as their favorite books and characters have seemingly taken a back seat as of late, there are at least two cosmic titles at Marvel that are definitely worth a read.

FF and Fantastic Four are currently written by Jonathan Hickman, and the two books are heavily cosmic oriented.

Just this past week saw Galactus take on four -- that's four -- Celestials. In addition, Johnny Storm recently returned from the Negative Zone with a young Annihilus in tow, Ronan of the Kree has been butting heads with Black Bolt and his Inhumans, and the Kree Supremor has returned as well.

Of course, while they don't feature the cosmic greats that fans have come to know and love from the previous regime, with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (now how damn good was Thanos Imperative?!), Hickman does hint at things to come.

Speaking with CBR, Hickman is asked if his Fantastic Four will feature any more of the Kree, notably the Protector and Captain Marvel, as they will be appearing in Rick Remender's Secret Avengers.

Well, I'm a big fan of all the Cosmic Marvel stuff. I think there's a lot there that is worth mining and reintroducing or revisiting. And I think people that are fans of the Cosmic line of stuff are going to be really, really happy with where we're heading -- not just with the FF but in the broader Marvel U plans that I'm included in. It's going to be very exciting for fans of all things Kree, all things Shi'ar and all things cosmic in the next year.

Speaking of cosmic, Marvel EIC Axel Alonso again mentions Nova, and how excited he is for the character.

A large part of the reason I'm so excited about Nova and Ant-Man in 2012 is the creators involved.

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