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Matt McGloin

Iron Man 3 Repulses Jon Favreau


It was announced earlier that Jon Favreau will be stepping away from the Iron Man Franchise - and won't be behind the reigns of Iron Man 3. However, Favreau is not leaving Marvel Studios that far behind as he does continue to work with Disney with "Magical Kingdom" as reported by the Hollywood Reporter. If you have been following the Avengers and Iron Man related movie news and rumors this comes as really no surprise. It has been stated that Favreau wasn't happy with Iron Man 2 as this wasn't his version of the movie, but one more to fit in with the Marvel Studios vision and the related movies - Thor, Captain America, Avengers. Personally, I wasn't a fan of IM2 at all. The first one was much better and I don't blame Favreau for taking the high road and jumping ship - while its still above water. In the HR article, it does states that Favreau says this decision wasn't based on "fractured relations." Regarding "Magical Kingdom" Favreau described it as, 'a family fantasy adventure that will tap into the vintage Disney imagery that “loomed so large in the imagination” of his generation.' The article goes on to say Favreau needed something to motivate him, '“find something that lights a fire” as a filmmaker.' Jon Favreau leaves behind a billion dollar movie franchise.