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Matt McGloin

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[[wysiwyg_imageupload:109:]]As I am often told when asking Marvel about the future of Nova and GoTG - Look to the skies! If you do, you might just happen to see that site wide login has been enabled on Cosmic Book News! Existing Forum Members Forum members can now log on via their username and password here or via fields at the top of every page. Once signed in, you should be signed into the forums as well (may need to clear cookies if you previously visited the forums). Face Book Connect has also been enabled - meaning you can sign in via your FB account! Forum members need to sign in at the user login and enable this feature. Then you can just sign in with FB Connect! The Cosmic Book News Awareness newsletter will not be sent out via the forums anymore - so be sure to log on at the CBN user login and subscribe ("My Newsletters tab). New Members New members can register here. I believe they can register via FB Connect as well. Once signed in, you can then enable FB Connect. Once registered you will be also be a member of the forums. Upon registering you should see a box already checked to sign-up for the CBN Awareness Newsletter. Cosmic Book News Awareness E-Mail Newsletter The Cosmic Book News Awareness newsletter is sent out periodically, usually once or twice a week, spotlighting various news, articles, previews and more! Existing forum members can just login to sign-up; new members should be automatically signed up upon registration. This is just the first of many features coming available! Cosmic Book News keeps you updated on all things cosmic and boldly goes where no comic site has gone before!