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Jimmy Smits Would Return To Star Wars Episode VII If Asked



Jimmy Smits, currently seen on the popular show on F/X, Sons of Anarchy, played the part of Senator Bail Organa in the Star Wars prequels.

His character ended up becoming the adoptive father of Princess Leia in Revenge of the Sith, and we did see his home planet destroyed by the Death Star in A New Hope.

However, as space travel is involved, the Senator could have had a meeting on another planet.

With that, Smits spoke with CBR about returning to Star Wars, with the actor saying he would be up for it.

"My character was gone after episode whatever. If they want to call, let them call," Smits said.

Smits continued offering support for George Lucas and compared the Star Wars franchise to James Bond.

"Congratulations to George, because that was like a mega deal. It’s great that it will kind of live on in a different kind of incarnation,” Smits told CBR. “He built that in so many ways, and not only built that franchise, but because of the success of the franchise, he was able to do so much for the film industry, really. This whole thing about digitalization, one of those films that I worked on, the prototypes for that HD camera was something that we were using, so he pushed the envelope in so many technical ways, not only with regards to the film industry. He’s got a lot of balls that he’s juggling, so it’s a good thing that he’s able to find a way to kind of pass that franchise along.

There’s more stories to tell, of course, I think. You look at the 007 franchise and it’s going on for [50] years. I mean, there are a lot of people that grew up watching that, so I know that he didn’t pass that on without a lot of caveats. I think there will be involvement with George down the line."

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