Posted by: Matt McGloin
/ 2 years 11 weeks ago

Jim Starlin Will Do Cover Art On His New DC Comics Ongoing Series


4971 Jim Starlin revealed that he will be doing the first cover art chores on his as-of-yet unnamed DC Comics ongoing series.

Starlin also previously revealed some art from his mystery artist, as well as some concept drawings.

Apparently, DC Comics PR hasn't greenlit an announcement for the title.

Starlin teased that it's an existing DC Comics property and that a lot of people will be surprised.

Some guesses as to the identity of the book includes the cosmic Stormwatch, and after learning there may be some upcoming creative changes on certain books, we can probably add in a few more: Team 7, Legion, Dial H, Justice League Dark and anyone of the Liefeld books.

Here's the announcement:

Looks like I will be doing some drawing on the new series I'm writing for DC Comics after all. My editor (can't reveal his name either because of his witness protection status) drafted me today to pencil the first issue's cover.

I'm having great fun with this project. Having the best collaboration experience with my mystery artist. We're really having to throw this series together on the fly. Reminds me of working at Marvel in the seventies. Love this kind of craziness.

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