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Matt McGloin

Locke & Key: Jesse McCartney is Tyler (by Stephen King's son Joe Hill)




Not familair with Locke & Key?

Well, you will be.

Locke & Key is a comic book put out by IDW Publishing written by Joe Hill. You know - Stephen King's son! His real name is Joseph Hillstrom King, hence the pen name.

Fox picked up the series adapted from the comics, and now Jesse McCartney has been cast to play the role of "Ty Locke," according to



The comic is really good, maybe a bit drawn out for my taste, but it does keep you coming back. It's has strong supernatural horror elements with lots of mystery as well. The comic centers around a family of children who return to "Keyhouse" after the murder of their father. There, they encounter a supernatural entity who is looking for a certain "key." The children find various keys, each with unique "powers." Some open doors that enable them to become "ghosts" etc. The entity has powers of its own as well and uses them to manipulate the Locke children.

The comic book series is really adult-oriented and I'm curious to see how this turns out on Fox. As we saw with AMC's The Walking Dead - that worked - but will "Locke & Key" on network TV? Hope so.

Locke & Key, from 20th TV, Kurtzman/Orci and DreamWorks TV, stars Miranda Otto as Nina Locke (the mother); Jesse McCartney as Tyler, Sarah Bolger as Kinsey and Skylar Gaertner.