Jae Lee to do interior illustrations on Stephen King's new Dark Tower novel: The Wind Through The Keyhole!

Posted By: Chris Bushley
05/14/2011 - 10:37am


picThat's right kids, Marvel's visionary cover artist (check out the preview for Wolverine #10!) will be joining the Master of Horror on a brand new Dark Tower novel called The Wind Through The Keyhole! Though Jae has done both covers and interiors for a number of Peter David's The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger comics, this will be the first time he will be doing illustrations for any of Mr. King's novels. In March, StephenKing.com asked fans to help choose the illustrator for the new novel by voting in a poll that boasted nine exceptional artists including, Michael Whelan and Neil Gaiman's colleague -- Dave McKean! The results came in on April 1st and although Jae did not win the poll, Mr. Whelan received and astounding 1073 votes to Jae's 325 (which included one from yours truly!), other factors were taken into consideration before finally offering the job to Jae Lee.

I personally, am a HUGE Stephen King fan and cannot be happier with the choice of such a prolific and resonating artist being chosen for this next book. The Dark Tower: The Wind Through The Keyhole, will be a limited edition book by Donald M. Grant Publisher with a release date yet to be established. But while we wait for the Master of Horror to dazzle us with both prose and visuals, why not check out Marvel's next installment in the life of Roland Deschain coming in June. The Dark Tower: The Battle of Tull, written by Peter David and Robin Furth with art by Michael Lark, follows Roland on his quest to find The Man in Black -- which will bring him face to face with all the horrors of the Dark Tower in the small saloon town of Tull. Why does a dead man walk the streets and why are the living citizens an even greater threat? I sit with bated breath for all the chaos, action and answers from the stunning world of Stephen King.

Thank you to StephenKing.com for keeping me up to date with their newsletters, you are not a true King fan until you've checked out their official site. And a very enthusiastic congratulations goes out to Jae Lee! You have truly remembered the face of your father and Ka has smiled not only on you but on your fans as well. Thankee sai! 

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