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Matt McGloin

It's The End Of Everything - Today!


The final issue of The Thanos Imperative hits today. I can't help but feeling with the excitement of finding out what happens to our cosmic crew comes a bit of sadness. After all, these were the comics that brought me back after a ten year "hiatus" - having stopped reading in my 20s. I know I am not the only one as Marvel's best event in the last...ten(?) years, Annihilation, hooked us all in. Today's issue might see the demise of Richard Rider, Nova, not to mention the Guardians of the Galaxy leader, Star-Lord - and who knows who else. Of course there is Quasar. If you are no stranger to CBN you know that my favorite super hero is Wendell Vaughn and that I helped (at least I like to think) bring back Wendell with the other rabid Quasar fans. If you are any fan of Quasar, DnA's portrayal of the Cosmic Avenger was a respectable one. Suppose we can forgive DnA for Annihilation: Nova...naah! Speaking of rabid fans, I don't think I have come across a more hard corps group than the Nova readers! Doug Smith, Bill Meneese, Darren Blackburn and the other's I have met have a dedication and passion for Nova that is surpassed by none. They are to be commended. I would like to thank Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann for giving us a great three years of comic book reading. I hope we get three more, Mr. Brevoort and Mr. Alonso! Where does Marvel Cosmic go from here? Your guess is as good as mine. Marvel has been pretty mum on the subject for the past year having only announced Rocket and Groot and Devastation. There have been rumors of getting at least one monthly with that being separate minis. All I can advise, like Joe Q. likes to say, is to vote with your dollars! I know who I'll be voting for! Make mine Marvel Cosmic! After you go to your local comic shop to pick up "The Thanos Imperative #6" head on over to CBN's Marvel Cosmic forum and join us for a discussion!