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Matt McGloin

Iron Man/Thor #3 Shipped Early (I think)


When Managing Editor Byron Brewer told me he would be putting the review for Iron Man/Thor #3 up soon, I thought he may have taken a one ride though The Fault. According to this week's Marvel previews -and last week's official "on-sale" list- Iron Man/Thor #3 is supposed to hit stores next week, January 5th, 2011. So, I checked a few online forums and found others received the book as well (spoilers are out there, folks!). Looks like there may have been a shipping mix-up. I don't believe my store had any issues.  Did your store have copies? Did anything else ship early? This may be explained by, starting next week, Diamond will be shipping comics one day early - but shops are not supposed to sell them until the following day -- which is Wednesday. So if you got a copy of Iron Man/Thor #3 - keep your traps shut until next week! Kidding! Feel free to post your spoilers and discussions. Regarding shops not selling comics on Tuesdays - yeah, right! How the heck is Diamond going to check? Looks like I'll have Devastation one day early! Whoops!