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Matt McGloin

Immonen off New Avengers! Hyperion a Thunderbolt! Acuna, Deodato, Chaykin New Avengers!


Another edition of "Marvel T&A" hit CBR yesterday with VP Executive Editor's Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso giving us the inside look at Marvel and more. I know there have been some comments by Tom Brevoort about fans not liking the column, not sure where that is coming from as I am enjoying it. The big news to come out of the article is the artistic changes for New Avengers and Thunderbolts. Stuart Immonen's last New Avengers will be issue #7. Further down, we are shown some pages from Thunderbolts by Immonen. These could be from the February issue of Tbolts #153 - as we see Hyperion on the cover! Or March's #154. Question  - which Hyperion? I think one of them recently appeared - and got whipped by the Blue Marvel -  in Age of Heroes #3. King Hyperion, I believe it was. I haven't heard whether or not Kev Walker is still on; he is listed as the artist for #153. Ideally, Marvel would keep both artists on as it seems a majority of Marvel artists can only handle a certain amount of issues before a fill-in is required. Editor's Note: Correction: 12/17/10:  The pages of "Thunderbolts" at CBR are from issue #152 by artist Kev Walker. Futhermore,  Immonen is not on "Thunderbolts" as VP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort says, 'What could be bigger than "Thunderbolts"? Sounds like the kind of thing that Stuart Immonen would draw exceedingly well. Hmmm…' What Tom is saying is that Immonen is on something bigger than "New Avengers" and "Thunderbolts." Apologies to Kev Walker for the mix-up and thanks to "Thunderbolts" Colorist Frank Martin for help clarifying the error. Regarding New Avengers, Daniel Acuna will be doing #8 and from there, Secret Avengers artist, Mike Deodato, and Howard Chaykin will be doing #9-13. Those should be an interesting look. The rest of the article sees mention of a Dazzler Max book, some Wolverine team-ups (yawn), and on the recent "Architects" promotion. Head on over to CBR for more!