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Byron Brewer

Kentucky Derby Festival 2011: Super Hero "SuperFest" Theme


Hulk smash puny horses:

Heroes, super and otherwise, to be celebrated

By Byron Brewer, Managing Editor



The Incredible Hulk bounding over the bluegrass hills of Kentucky’s horse country?

Superman trying to outdistance the equine favorite in Race 8?

The Mighty Thor flying majestically over Churchill Downs’ fabled Twin Spires?

We may see all of this and more in Louisville, Ky., as the just-announced theme for Kentucky Derby Festival 2011 is “SuperFest.”

The “SuperFest” theme, part of the River City’s two-week celebration prior to the world-famous Run for the Roses coming this year on May 7th, will celebrate those comic book, cartoon and movie heroes we all know, as well as local hometown heroes from the Festival volunteers to police, fire and EMSworkers, Derby Festival representatives announced this week to members of the new Derby Festival Fan Page on Facebook.

The theme was developed through a collaboration between Festival board and staff, and CurrentMarketing, the Festival’s advertising agency. Festival fans on Facebook will continue to get a first look at various components of the new theme and how it will be incorporated into the 2011 Derby Festival.

CBN has received no word as yet as to what heroes, if any, from the major comic book companies, DC and Marvel, among others may be “participating” in the Festival this spring, but this story will continue to be updated. 

“The 2011 theme was born out of the reoccurrence of Superheroes and comics that have surfaced among children young and old,” said Mike Berry, Derby Festival President and CEO, in a Festival press release. “Superheroes transport us to a world of fantasy and excitement and that’s part of the mission of the Derby Festival.  This year’s Festival will bring out the Super Fan in all of us.” 

“SuperFestival Fan,” a masked mascot representing heroes everywhere, joyfully embraces everything that springtime has to offer, especially the 70-plus event Derby Festival celebration. He will make appearances in the Festival’s 2011 TV and radio ad campaign, masked and dressed in heroic attire. His mission is to help spread Festival excitement to the Kentuckiana area by providing "superpower" experiences and insider tips.

"SuperFest" will be featured prominently in advertising, as well as traditional components of the Derby Festival, such as its website ( and Pegasus Pins. Fans will notice a comic book style design treatment on many Festival promotional materials, plus the use of familiar superhero words and phrases.  It will be reflected in the Festival’s corporate logo for 2011, which features the letter “F” inside a shield, flanked by the Festival’s gold Pegasus wings in bold red, blue and gold color scheme. 

In addition, many of the events will have superhero themes, including:  Spring Fashion Show (“Super Chic”), Basketball Classic presented by (“Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound”), U.S. Bank Great BalloonFest (“Up, Up and Away!”) and Marathon/miniMarathon presented by Walmart (“Faster than a Speeding Bullet”), among others to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Since 1956, the Derby Festival has worked to bring the community together in celebration. The Festival is an independent community organization supported by 4,000 volunteers, 400 businesses and civic groups, Pegasus Pin sponsorships and event participation. It entertains more than 1.5 million people in a two-week period. This involvement has made the Festival the largest single attended event in Kentuckyand one of the leading community celebrations in the world.

For more information, follow on the Derby Festival on Facebook and keep tuned to Cosmic Book News.