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Howard Porter Talks Justice League 3000 & Grant Gustin Talks Flash And Superman (Video)



The latest episode of DC All Access features Howard Porter talking about Justice League 3000 as well as Andrew Kreisberg and Grant Gustin talking Arrow, The Flash and Superman.

Justice League 3000 #1 kicks off tomorrow, and Porter offers it's set before the Legion of Superheroes and is different than their present day counterpart.

"This takes place before Legion. We are building an entirely new universe from the ground up," Porter said. "They are missing a part that makes them work so efficiently and effectively as we know now."

Porter also talks about the villains the Justice League 3000 will face. Check it out in the video (starts at 2:24 mark).

Following that, Andrew Kreisberg and Grant Gustin discuss The Flash and Arrow. Gustin debuted as Barry Allen in last week's episode and is set to appear tomorrow as well.

Kreisberg says these episodes are "amazing and that they are "so proud" of them. He says, "They are so much fun and they are bigger than our normal episodes in that they feel like episodes of Arrow, and that we are excited to meet Grant in this new role and enjoy the ride."

Grant Gustin talks a bit about the casting process in that he was nervous about the role at first due to his age, but when the show's creators showed so much support that helped to boost his confidence.

Gustin also offers that he is a huge Superman fan, even sporting a tattoo. Check it out at the 3:27 mark.

Both The Flash and Justice League: 3000 hit tomorrow!

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