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Matt McGloin

Guns N' Roses Slash: Slasher Films and Steve Niles Wake The Dead



Recently announced, Slash, lead guitarist of Guns 'N Roses and Velvet Revolver, is creating a horror film company - Slasher Films.

Slasher Films is set to debut four new flicks, with one being an adaption of Steve Niles and IDW Publishing's "Wake The Dead."

Niles' told the LA Times Hero Complex, "We want to recapture the quality of horror like they made them in the ’70.” “Horror where you care about the characters and story. With ‘Wake the Dead,’ Jay Russell, Slash and I hope to make a horror movie that sticks with you long after you’ve seen it.”

Jay Russel will direct with Slash and Rob Eric.

"Wake The Dead" sees a modern Dr. Frankenstein re-animating the dead.

Regarding Slash Films, Slash had the following to say to RadarOnline:

“My whole thing is to go back to the days of making very dramatic, serious, plot-driven, character-driven horror movies, as opposed to what’s become the norm this day.

“Chop ‘em up kind of movies that don’t have real specific characters that you really care anything about.”