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Plot Details For Pacific Rim (2013): Godzilla meets Gundam meets Avatar



A few days ago we heard that the Mexican-born film maker, Guillermo del Toro, would be directing a new monster invasion flick, Pacific Rim, from Legendary Pictures written by Travis Beacham [Clash of the Titans (2010)] .

Details were scarce, but apparently News On Film, got a peak at a script and revealed some details.

Per the title, the movie does sound like it has major Japanese influences, as it seems to be a combination Godzilla and Gundam (Japanese Anime) - and also even Avatar.

Apparently, some sort of portal opens in the Pacific Ocean with a "Kaiju" (Japanese term/genre meaning "strange beast" - with Godzilla being the most famous) attacking a Japanese city.

The portal leads to another universe with more and more monsters entering into our world and attacking various cities - including Los Angeles.

In response, the military develops battlesuits, "massive, building-sized mechanized suits of armor and high-tech weaponry" to counter the monster invasion, in a program dubbed "Jaeger."

"Jaeger" is a "god-like system" (as described by News On Film) where the pilots have a neural connection with the Mechs called "pons."

The central character, Raleigh Antrobus, is described as having a recently deceased brother who perished in a previous battle a year earlier. Raleigh is said to be scarred as he was "connected" to "Jaeger" during the same battle and experienced the "pons."

Now, Raleigh, is recruited to re-join the mission and is paired with an outcast female Japanese pilot.

At the same time, a journalist is scouring the globe looking for answers about the mysterious portal and its creatures.

News On Film even informs us that del Toro has his own military jargon for the film ala Avatar, as well.

Granted, this is just a look at the first act of the script, but apparently the film follows the same route of many previous "alien" invasion movies with the world getting together to combat an outside threat.

Let's all hold hands and jump for joy, now.

In addition, with the similar aspects to Avatar (neural connection, deceased brother) - which I despised - I can only hope that Godzilla makes an appearance and saves Tokyo from Monster Island err.. Monster Portal.

Still, with all these Monsters and mention of battlesuits - the action should be awesome.

Pacific Rim will have a PG-13 rating and be released in 2013.

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