Guardians of the Galaxy Hub

DeVito not what they were looking for...
James Gunn and Chris Pratt look back on the big day...
Loved the 2008 Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning reboot of the series...
Will we see more of Nebula/Thanos, or any of the Vell family?
Might be Gunn's favorite since Iron Man...
Hoping a prequel leads to Kick-Ass 3...
MCU promo spot.
Check out the creation of Thanos - one of the most notorious and powerful super villains of the Marvel Universe.
Gunn didn't give a bleep what Pratt thought...
Pratt talks about his Marvel Studios contract. Star-Lord vs. Thanos?
Dig the comics out of your closet for clues...
Hopes worlds will collide!
Phase two is like Empire Strikes Back says Feige...
Bringin Carol Danvers to the big screen in her first solo cinematic adventure.
Lucas had reservations back in '86, but now has changed his tune.
Is Gunn's riskier approach to GOTG the use of the Guardians from the future?
Gunn says he knows the story for the second and even the third film.
Kevin Feige himpressed with both writers takes on Carol Danvers.
MCU will have animated series and/or movies.
Created by the Dreaming Celestial.
“If you exaggerate his performance and make him too cartoony you’ve lost the audience..."
A 4-mile wide and 1.2 billion polygon world.
No Ant-Man, Cap 3, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange at SDCC this year?
"Superhero size THANK YOU to Chris Pratt and Chris Evans..."
Full list of nominations.
Awesome news.
Would like to use Rom, write a comic, new superhero in Guardians 2...
Pratt starred in Guardians of the Galaxy.
Apparently the latest "in thing" amongst the Hollywood crowd is to knock superhero movies.
Celestials, Ronan, Cosmo and aliens.
Was Marvel hoping for a copy of the first movie?
Star-Lord visits sick kids.
Rumors for Ant-Man, Avengers, Thor and more.
1/6th scale high-end figure.
Cap vs. Star-Lord Twitter war!
Gunn says he's extremely happy.
Home of the Nova Corps!
Best Adapted Screenplay for Gunn, Perlman, Abnett and Lanning.
Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn join in.
Maybe next time?