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Cap vs. Star-Lord Twitter war!
Gunn says he's extremely happy.
Home of the Nova Corps!
Best Adapted Screenplay for Gunn, Perlman, Abnett and Lanning.
Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn join in.
Maybe next time?
Points to the success of Guardians of the Galaxy as an example.
Make a super-cut for yourself of the Marvel films.
Vin Diesel as Blackbolt?
Took a month to complete.
Amazing year for Gunn and the Guardians.
James Gunn says not at all.
Marvel Comics take note...
Nebula, Ronan, Yondu and The Collector.
"Can't Kill Us" by the Glitch Mob.
Present from Seth Green.
Hardest part was writing Thanos.
Awesome upscale figures.
Oooh child, things are gonna get easier..
Cutest 1/4 scale collectible you’ll ever see.
More Keenser? Worst news ever?
Swing as Groot.
Cool fan-created trailer.
Talks part 2 and more.
Michael Jackson as Star-Lord.
Chris Pratt, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker and Glenn Close.
People will pay anything with Marvel's name on it?!
Not as much as Captain America 2.
Side-by-side Benicio Del Toro?
Behind-The-Scenes with Joss Whedon and more.
"Fuller and more encompassing experience" in IMAX.
Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media.
A Marvel Cosmic must-read! And one light years ahead of its current timeline counterpart!
Took over 70 hours to create.
GOTG footage with SW audio.
Nebula compared to Boba Fett.
Cool compilation of Easter Eggs.
Promotes Avengers 2.
"Much looser than people think."
Gunn worried about the numerous shared universes being planned by studios.