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Guardians of the Galaxy #5 Angela Cover Revealed: Still The Same Ridiculous Costumes


Marvel revealed the Sara Pichelli cover to Guardians of the Galaxy #5 which features Angela.

Issue #5 will be co-written by Neil Gaiman, and we see those same hideous costumes that artist Steve McNiven changed when he came on the book for one issue.

It remains to be seen if Gaiman can save the latest Marvel Cosmic attempt from Marvel EIC Axel Alonso and Editor Stephen Wacker as sales for Nova are already below the previous run.

Bendis' Guardians of the Galaxy has lost 130,000 in sales from its first issue as well, which of course was due to its two dozen variant covers.

That's not a surprise, though, as Bendis' first attempt with the Guardians of the Galaxy saw sales fall quickly with the Avengers Assemble book.

If the numbers continue to dive, it looks as if they both might be canceled by #12.

The previous Nova comic saw it's run cut short at issue #36 to make room for Jeph Loeb's new version, with Loeb already announced off the book with only the second issue published.

The 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy comic book, which the new Marvel Studios movie is based on, reached to issue #25 before getting cut down as well.

Note: Both the previous Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy comics were not canceled due to sales.

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