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Matt McGloin

Green Lantern Movie Halloween Costumes and Images


The GLC board found an image that looks to feature various Green Lantern Movie related Halloween costumes. There was a Halloween convention held in Las Vegas with Rubies Costumes showcasing various characters from the movie. Looks like: Sinestro, Tomar-Re, Abin Sur, Hecktor Hammond, A Guardian and maybe more. As we get closer to the movie release you can bet even more Green Lantern Movie merchandise will be released! Here are some children's books with various images. Here is a large pic. Click to enlarge: The GLC Board also found some more Halloween related images. Said to be a sculpt for Kilowog's hand and looks like some concept art on the wall: Head on over to our Green Lantern -Core- movie hub where you can find all the related news, images and more!