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Matt McGloin

Green Lantern Movie Books: Hal Jordan: Defender Of Earth and more


Hey, check this out! Found at a book that ties into the upcoming Green Lantern Movie. "Hal Jordan: Defender Of Earth" is a "Level 3" children's book - meaning suitable to be read for children in grades 2-3. The author is Jake Black who has also written other children related license books such as Batman: The Eyes of Despero and TMNT: Leonardo Returns. You can pre-order now and this will be available May 12th, 2011 (And no - this isn't an affiliate link, lol!). that a glove GL is wearing?! Updated 1/8/11: Couple more (check out Kilowog's Challenge). Available at Power of the Lantern by Christopher Beaumont; a paper models book. For Green Lanterns Only Secrets Of The Power Ring; sticker book Head on over to our Green Lantern -Core- movie hub where you can find all the related news, images and more!