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Green Lantern #60: Who is the rogue Guardian?


Actually, he is not a Guardian! The DC Blog The Source revealed a page from Wednesday's Green Lantern #60 with a tease that the identity of the "rogue Guardian" will be revealed. Just who is this Guardian look-alike that has been collecting the different Emotional Spectrum Entities - and furthermore who is he collecting them for? At the end of Blackest Night we saw the White Lantern appear and with it a whole bunch of questions. Various dead heroes were brought back to life with the White Lantern Entity giving them specific tasks to complete (see issues of Brightest Day). There reward for completing these missions is to return to life for good. Around the same time a "rogue Guardian" showed up on the scene with a mission of his own - to collect all the Entities from the Emotional Spectrum. "Who is the cloaked figure who has been busy collecting the Emotional Spectrum Entities? The revelation occurs this week in GREEN LANTERN 60 and it definitely has this GL fan excited. The clues have been laid out these last few months. What do we know? He is not from Earth. He insists he is not a Guardian. What secrets are behind those bandages?"   GREEN LANTERN #60 Written by GEOFF JOHNS; Art and cover by DOUG MAHNKE & CHRISTIAN ALAMY; 1:10 "DC 75th Anniversary" Variant cover by FRANK QUITELY BRIGHTEST DAY continues as the truth about the Indigo Tribe members is revealed along with their Entity: the enigmatic Proselyte. Plus, don't miss a special Green Lantern movie image!
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