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Matt McGloin

Green Lantern #60: Green Lantern Movie Preview


Here's the Green Lantern Movie preview pic featuring Mark Strong as Sinestro and text from this week's Green Lantern #60 courtesy the GLC Message Boards: THE GREATEST GREEN LANTERN! Before Sinestro fell from grace, becoming the ultimate Green Lantern villain and one of the greatest foes in history...he was the finest Green Lantern ever. Respected by his Corpsmen, and trusted by the immortal Guardians of the Universe, Sinestro is considered the Greatest Green Lantern, having preserved definitive order in his sector. This regal Korugarian commands attention and needed an actor that could portray the same. Could anyone live up to the perfect of Sinestro? Have No Fear, for Mark Strong IS Sinestro! When Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, KickAss) arrived on the set decked out in makeup and prosthetics, I thought Sinestro had walked right off the comics page. Take a look at that still...just incredible! Back in August I visited the Green Lantern set with Blackest Night and Sinestro Corps masterminds Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis - and what a trip it was. My mind is still blown from the experience. I was given the opportunity to hold the actual Power Battery and was able to wear the Green Lantern ring...In Brightest Day, In Blackest - sorry, got carried away. I could go on for pages about the amazing production designs, how surreal Ryan Reynolds looked in Hal Jordan's flight suit, or how awestruck I was by early CG tests of Oa and the different alien Green Lanterns, but instead let me focus on the supreme highlight. Sinestro. I witnessed scenes of Sinestro in action, addressing the entire Corps, and speaking with the Guardians. The entire time I was glued to my seat, unable to turn away. Mark nailed it all. The voice - the demeanor - everything! Mark, like much of the film, has taken his inspiration from Geoff Johns's extraordinary run on GREEN LANTERN. The same care enthusiasm is being brought to the Green Lantern movie by the visionary director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), producer Donald De Line and the rest of the cast and crew. I am beyond excited and can't wait for them to introduce the Green Lantern universe to millions on June 17th 2011. It will be the year of Green Lantern. Check out more behind-the-scenes information next issue as the anticipation continues to build. May your holidays be green and bright! Long live the Corps!!! Adam Schlagman (Green Lantern Editor) Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds soars into theaters June 17th, 2011 in 3-D! Check out the Cosmic Book News Green Lantern Movie hub for all the related news, images and more!