Green Lantern 101 Comic-Con Clip With Charles Soule, Van Jensen, Robert Venditti & Bernard Chang

Posted By: Matt McGloin
07/25/2013 - 11:38am


DC Comics released video from Comic-Con featuring Charles Soule, Van Jensen, Robert Venditti and Bernard Chang discussing the goods on all things Green Lantern.

The next Green Lantern event begins in October with "Lights Out" where it's been confirmed that one of the Corps gets decimated (no spoilers here!) at the hands of the new villain, Relic.

Relic will be featured as part of DC's Villains Month with a special one shot.

We get a clue regarding Relic from the Green Lantern Comic-Con panel with Soule stating, "The Lanterns use light as their tool and weapon. Relic has a theory of why that's happening and he has a plan to fix that."

"He recognizes the Light Spectrum, so he starts experimenting and testing the universe he’s birthed into,” Brad Walker, artist on Green Lantern: New Guardians, added.

Here is the Green Lantern 101 video for a run down on all things GL:

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