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Grasping For Straws: Iron Man 3 Post-Credit Scene Was To Feature Guardians of the Galaxy?


Spoilers for Iron Man 3 follow.


7746 Sounds like the internet wasn't too happy with the Mark Ruffalo Iron Man 3 post-credit scene - I know I wasn't - as I'm guessing everyone out there was expecting a tie-in to The Avengers 2 or any other Marvel Studios movie.

Back in February, "huge" Iron Man 3 spoilers hit the net which revealed that some time in the movie Tony Stark would get a distress call from space, as he had Jarvis patrolling the radio waves because of the alien invasion from The Avengers.

Well, the post-credit scene was to feature Star-Lord calling Earth with Iron Man blasting off into space.

I actually think there is an interview with Shane Black out there where he laughs at that notion, but people just can't get the idea that it might be true out of their heads.

Again, probably because what we did get was just so bad.

Well, it's actually thrown out there on the net that Marvel Studios changed their plans for the post-credit scene that was to feature the Guardians of the Galaxy because someone spoiled it.

Recently, Mark Ruffalo mentioned that, indeed, Marvel had an idea, but went with Robert Downey Jr.'s idea of including Banner.

So some are guessing Marvel's original idea was the Guardians.

However, my question: How would that work when Tony Stark blew up all his armors at the end of the movie?

They change that, too?

And if that's the case that would mean Robert Downey Jr. would be signed on for Guardians of the Galaxy which begins filming in June, but he is not even signed on for The Avengers 2.

7748 Maybe it was just an idea, and if everything would have gone according to the plan, we would have seen the Guardians in Iron Man 3, and Iron man in the James Gunn movie as well.

Seems like a lot of stars would have had to line up, though. 

It is interesting to note, though, that in an interview, Shane Black stated he is not a big fan of the comic books, but the two Marvel heroes he is, it's Iron Man -- and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

And how about this for a kicker (pure speculation): The reason Tony Stark suffered so many anxiety attacks was because of what we didn't get to see in The Avengers movie, which was: When Tony Stark went through the portal to send off the nuclear missile, he time traveled to the time of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and then went back to the same moment in time to unleash the nuke and save the day.

So Tony's anxieties are really about the events from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and not The Avengers.

My piece of fan-fic to add to it all.


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