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Matt McGloin

Get sued being a Super Hero!


As if there are not enough real law suits, already, a group of lawyers came up with the grand idea of how the law would apply if the things that happened in comics - happened for real. The blog, Law and the Multiverse, goes into details in regards to things such as would evidence be admissible in court when Batman, working with Commission Gordon, nabs a bad guy. Or what about Bats violating civil rights? The current post discusses Doomsday destroying Metropolis and who should pay. As the article states, if you passed on Terrorism insurance - you're screwed. Or that this even might fall under an act of war or even they say that Superman could fall under the State Actor definition. The conclusion to the post offers further insights and does state in a world where there are super heroes, laws would be different. There are some interesting arguments presented; however I read comics to forget all this - keep the lawyers away! For more, check out the