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The Flash To Be Featured In 3 Arrow Episodes: Will Have Powers & Costume; Debuts December 4th



We get an update on the newly announced CW DC Comics TV series with The Flash, which is spinning off of Arrow.

Arrow co-creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg along with The Flash series writer Geoff Johns let it be known that the DC speedster will be appearing in three episodes of Arrow before getting his own series.

The Flash will appear in episodes 8, 9 and 20 of Arrow, with the trio writing them and David Nutter directing the twentieth.

It's reported that when The Flash makes his first appearance in Arrow episode 8, he will just be seen as "ordinary man" Barry Allen.

"The character will be as grounded and realistic as possible,” Kreisberg offered, reports Deadline. “That’s how we’ll get to know him. Then his life will get a bit faster.”

It's further said the characters in Arrow will be treating Barry Allen in "a very realistic way," and regarding the powers of The Flash: "They won’t be treated as commonplace on the show but as extraordinary events."

"It will be fun for the audience to see how we do our take on The Flash’s powers," Kreisberg continued. "Some will feel very familiar to those who know the comics, and other stuff will feel different yet fresh and exciting.” 

Berlanti also added, “That said, he does need powers to become The Flash. And he will be The Flash. He will wear a red costume, and he will go by that name.”

Arrow returns to the CW on October 9th.

If the schedule is similar to Season 1, The Flash looks to debut December 4th (adjusting for the Thanksgiving skip week).

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