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Matt McGloin

First Look At The V Aliens


USA Today posted a production design for what the "V" aliens really look like under their human dna borrowed skin. Throughout this season bits and pieces of the Visitor's true look will be revealed in each episode with the complete reveal happening in the season finale. While the pic may not be totally accurate if you saw last night's episode - parts do look familiar. Executive producer Scott Rosenbaum on the look: "There is a reason the creature I ended up wanting to design looks familiar in many ways and unfamiliar in many ways," Rosenbaum says. "Throughout the season, you'll be seeing exactly what the Visitors look like underneath, and while some of it will be explained as to why they look the way they do ... if you look close enough and study it, you can sort of figure out what the Visitors have been doing throughout the course of history in the universe. Answers to that are revealed literally in (their) physical nature." Interesting tidbit which also fit in with the first episode of season two, "Red Rain." Wow! I do hope these guys know what they are getting themselves into! The next episode of "V" airs January 10th on ABC!