First Look At Amazons In Wonder Woman Movie

Posted By: Matt McGloin
03/24/2016 - 8:39am


A new Wonder Woman image has been released featuring a first look at the Amazons.

We see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), and her two aunts General Antiope (Robin Wright) and Antiope’s lieutenant, Menalippe (Lisa Loven Kongsli). 

 “Themyscira is influenced by the Greek but it’s clearly more then that,” producer Charles Roven told EW.com. “It’s a place that has the ‘you’ve never been to’ kind of feel. But once you’re there you’re not so sure you really want to leave so fast.”  ​ 

"To me, they shouldn’t be dressed in armor like men,” director Patty Jenkins said. “It should be different. It should be authentic and real—and appealing to women.”

Earlier, we also posted a first look at Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in a WW1 image.

Gal Gadot makes her debut this week in Batman Vs. Superman.

Wonder Woman has a June 23, 2017 release directed by Patty Jekins also starring Chris Pine as Steve Trevor.

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