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FEAR Marvel's Next Big Event! Reality War?


Updated 12/14/10 3:00pm Eastern: Writer Christos Gage confirms one thing below to be true and and reveals just what it is! Updated 12/15/10: Third "Fear" Teaser: Do You Fear…A Loss Of Faith? Updated 12/16/10: Fourth "Fear" Teaser: Do You Fear...Losing Control? Updated 12/17/10: Fifth "Fear" Teaser: Do You Fear...Family Secrets? Updated 12/21/10: Sixth "Fear" Teaser and Event info: Find Out What You Fear - Today!   Since I am a big proponent of the Big Event, I am going to go with his. Marvel unveiled to the world The Architects - upcoming top secret projects and books from Bendis, Brubaker, Fraction, Hickman and Jason Aaron. Last week we brought to you the notion that a Martian Invasion might be underway - or on the way soon. Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool recently posted an update with Christos Gage tweeting that is not the case. Gage also tweeted that his Avengers Academy would be involved in a big event crossover next year, "Yep, Avengers Academy is a big part of the big secret Marvel crossover of 2011." VP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort confirms the same on his Form Spring when answering a fan's question in regards to something big coming next summer with, "Yes, absolutely. Working on it already." Today we saw the release of the Spider-Man Do You Fear...Tomorrow? teaser which, at least to me, appeared to be a Spidey set in the future - maybe even an older Spidey. This actually fits in, of sorts, with the Martian Invasion angle as CBN Forum contributor "dpfeif" mentioned Spider-Man to be the last survivor in the original Guardians of the Galaxy Martian invasion. As dpfeif also mentions, Marvel's current "Heroic Age" banner fits in with the Marvel 2099 continuity where a catastrophe is mentioned that sees the disappearance/end of all the heroes at the end of the "Heroic Age." The Avengers #5 chalkboard teaser had "Fear Without Man" entry as a BC member mentioned. As we saw in that arc, different realities were popping up causing all sorts of trouble for the Assemblers. Add to that, The Hood, recently became in possession of the Reality Gem in Avengers #7. Last Friday, we learned that high profile New Avengers artist Stuart Immonen would be moving on to Thunderbolts where Tom Brevoort asks, "What could be bigger than NA?" Images are shown, by Immonen, featuring Hyperion to be a member. Speculation it is King Hyperion from an alternate universe. Man-Thing, the guardians of the Nexus of Realties is also a Thunderbolt. Editor's Note: Correction: 12/17/10: The images are from "Thunderbolts #152" by artist Kev Walker. Immonen is not on "Thunderbolts," but said to be on something bigger than both "New Avengers" and "Thunderbolts" according to the comments made by Tom Brevoort at the CBR article. Thanks to "Thunderbolts" colorist Frank Martin for the clarifying the error! The current Marvel Cosmic event, Chaos War, sees the Chaos King ripping apart realities. Actually, his goal is to destroy all of reality. Greg Pak has stated in interviews Chaos War will be a changer for the Marvel U. Over in The Thanos Imperative and War of Kings we saw The Fault which was a massive rip in time and space that led to the Canceverse. Nova and Star-Lord gave up their lives to seal it and keep Thanos from entering our Universe. The end result of this is the Galaxy's Mightiest form The Annihilators which are, "ready to protect and serve... the Universe" according to Dan Abnett. I haven't been following any of the X-Books as of late, but I would assume House of M to fit in with this, plus the recent Age of X teasers. Also, perhaps the Beyonder - see below. (Updated 12/14/10: Marvel released a Magneto Do You Fear...What You’ve Become? teaser) Possible Scenarios: Reckoning War. Seeing how the first "Fear" promo was of Spidey and Dan Slott recently jumped on board, could we be finally getting the "Reckoning War?" Reckoning War was first mentioned in '07 in She-Hulk, I believe, and was said to be a big dark story involving a ruined earth. Slott seems to have gotten away from this as he usually says they didn't have time to get to it or something to that effect. Infinity Gauntlet. Obviously, a common theme running throughout are all the different realities. Perhaps, we could be seeing some form of the Infinity Gauntlet as mentioned above with The Hood? The Beyonder. There are some interesting tidbits connecting The Beyonder to recent Marvel events and the above mentioned references. He was in Bendis' New Illuminati one shot that saw him retconned to an Inhuman Mutant. He also appeared in the original Guardians of the Galaxy. In Mutant X we saw the Beyonder allied with Dracula -a vampire (sound familiar X-fans?)- add to this Havok was the Nexus of Realties (Thunderbolts/Man-Thing). Korvac. Korvac comes to mind as well as he has history with the Avengers, Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy. You could make a stretch that he even ties into Chaos War as he is the opposite of the Chaos King. Korvac tried bringing order to a chaotic universe - ours! Ultron also appears here and we do see the Ultron War in that Avengers #5 teaser. Reed Richards. Another of the Architect's is Jonathan Hickman who is killing off one of the members of the Fantastic Four. The current run saw a council of Reed's from alternate world's form together to try and solve everything. There was a massive battle against Celestials with versions of Reeds sporting Infinity Gauntlet's and different powers. This is all leading to the death of one of the Fantastic Four and the fact that the book is ending (per Tom Brevoort), I think it's going to be Sue which may lead Reed further down the path than when we saw him in Civil War. Updated 12/14/10 12:20pm Eastern:  Mandarin. The Mandarin is returning to the pages of Iron Man in Invincible Iron Man #500 written by "Architect" Matt Fraction who is behind a secret event. Add to this, what appeared to be Tripods were in recent issues of Iron Man. Also, at they mention, "Mandarin is already moving against Tony. Iron Man has to stop this future from happening, but he’s already at a disadvantage. Can Tony still save the world from The Mandarin?” Updated 12/15/10: Marvel released a trailer to Invicible Iron Man #500 featuring the Mandarin. Of course, the next big event might be totally something different or similar. What do you think? Join us in the CBN forums and give us your two cents. Oh, Marvel released the following teaser trailer: