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Matt McGloin

Fantastic Four "Three" Jonathan Hickman Interview


Fantastic Four #585 Head on over to CBR to catch an interview with Jonathan Hickman on Fantastic Four and the current storyline "Three" which leads to the death of a major character. Hickman discusses each issue leading up to the death, which takes place in FF#587, and the issue after that is an epilogue featuring a back-up with Spider-Man consoling Franklin Richards. Fantastic Four #585 explores the relationship between the Invisible Woman, Sue Storm, and Namor with Hickman saying: 'I think it's interesting that Reed is not oblivious to it, but confident in his position in Sue's life. I think it's interesting for Susan because while she's a mom and a dutiful wife and all these other semi-parochial things, there's this other side that, while it doesn't engage in Namor's overt advances, she never puts an end to it," Hickman said. "Then there's Namor, who clearly respects Reed Richards, but in the most primal way doesn't. [Laughs] I think it's one of those interesting character triangles that, while nothing may ever happen, it's a constant potential dynamo of drama. You know the tension is very real."' FF#585 hits this Wednesday, here's a preview.