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Matt McGloin

Fantastic Four: Final Issue Marvel Image Teaser


Marvel sent the following image and info that states the final issue of Fantastic Four, #588, will hit stores on February 23rd. Look for the Fantastic Four #587 which features the death of a member on sale January 26th. This issue comes "black bagged." So how many copies are you going to buy? Press Release Fantastic Four: Final Issue FANTASTIC FOUR #587 (NOV100584) FANTASTIC FOUR #587 SPOILER VARIANT (NOV100585) Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Penciled by STEVE EPTING  Cover by ALAN DAVIS Spoiler Variant Cover by TBA (On Sale 2/2/11) FOC – 1/3/11, On Sale – 1/26/11   FANTASTIC FOUR #588 (DEC100592) Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Penciled by NICK DRAGOTTA Cover by ALAN DAVIS Rated A …$3.99 FOC – 1/31/11, On Sale 2/23/11