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Exclusive: Sam Humphries Talks Higher Earth



Higher Earth, a highly imaginative and entertaining sci-fi comic book published by BOOM! Studios, is about to sing its swan song, ending with #9.

But it is not too late to enjoy the last issues of this remarkable book, a follow up on writer Sam Humphries’ 2011 comic series, Our Love Is Real.

Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer sat down for a brief but exclusive talk with Mr. Humphries, who looked back on Higher Earth and forward to other popular projects.

Cosmic Book News: For those who may not know it, explain the storyline and concept behind Higher Earth for us.

Sam Humphries: Higher Earth is a sci-fi comic book about an empire spanning a thousand alternate reality earths.

CBN: How is working for BOOM! Studios different than, say, your work at Marvel?

SH: When BOOM! puts Spider-Man on their checks, it makes it awkward.

CBN: <Laughter> So: Favorite? Rex or Heidi and why?

SH: Neither. Rex does not go through his reads effectively and is too quick to run the ball. Heidi's got no presence in the pocket and doesn't put her receivers in a place where they can make plays. My favorites would either be Joe Montana or Peyton Manning.

CBN: Talk about alternate realities … OK, let’s try this one: Can you tell us where the storyline is headed from your most recent issue onward?

SH: The end! Issue 9 is the final issue. It's premature, but I'm hoping to wrap it up as best I can.

CBN: What was it like working with artist Francesco Biagini, best known probably for illustrating Elric: The Balance Lost?

SH: It's like 2001 crossed with My Best Friend's Wedding at a Vegas buffet.

CBN: Are there any other projects, comic book or otherwise, you would like to mention?

SH: Yes! Uncanny X-Force from Marvel in January.

CBN would like to thank Sam Humphries for his time amid a busy schedule and also thank Filip Sablik, BOOM’s VP of Publishing and Marketing, for helping to arrange the interview.

Higher Earth #7 hits stands November 28!

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