Posted by: Matt McGloin
/ 2 years 10 weeks ago

Exclusive: Justice League Movie Not Scrapped


5590 Last week news - or rumor - surfaced that Will Beall's script for the Justice League movie may or may not have been scrapped. The report said that some sources said it wasn't looking good for the movie in that it may never happen at all, while at the same time saying Warner Bros. might keep moving forward.

Our own DC Entertainment source says that the Will Beall script hasn't been thrown away as reported.

The source believes that outside writers who were asked to look at and review the script enforced WB's decision to look at different options.

Regarding different options, our source previously told us that the Will Beall script didn't included the Superman from Man of Steel and that David Goyer was being brought onboard to write those Superman parts to make it a connective movie universe, which we were told was going to happen back in June.

Our source also says that David Goyer doesn't want to write the whole script himself because he can't get a "take" on all the characters like he has with Batman and Superman.

We're told "the next couple of weeks should be interesting to say the least," and also that WB might start taking pitches from other writers to see what they can offer as well.

And also, our source says they have ruled out restarting the "Justice League: Mortal" script from 2008 for certain.

So from the the above, it sounds as if they are at least bringing on writers to work on the Will Beall script and not tossing it in its entirety.

Of course, there is what we also previously heard, and that is, that everything depends on the Man of Steel movie. Our source told us that the Justice League movie budget was around $270 million, so that could be part of the reason for the wait.


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