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Exclusive: Johns, Snyder, Goyer Part Of DC Movies Creative Team; More On Green Lantern 2, Ryan Reynolds & Justice League Updates


7622 Yesterday saw DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns give a few updates on the DC movies stating we'll know more at this Summer's San Diego Comic-Con as well as said that there are plans for more Green Lantern.

Our DC Entertainment source, who has been telling us the same thing all along, has given us a few more updates.

As the source first told Cosmic Book News back in June of last year that the Man of Steel is spearheading a DC shared movie universe, a Justice League movie and the Batman reboot, we're told that "categorically, definitely and absolutely there is a cohesive DC Cinematic Universe on the way."

Our source says that Man of Steel and Green Lantern will be a part of it, though not to expect heavy references to its plot.

7623 Regarding preserving the Green Lantern movie (as we just learned it will be referenced in CW's Arrow), our source says that they are keeping this version because of Ryan Reynolds name and audience draw.

We're also told that future solo installments of any film will not be heavily affected like the Marvel films are by the "larger picture." After Justice League, everybody goes off on their own.

Batman's reboot is still on track for an Arkham Asylum movie.

There is a going to be a core team that discusses and decides where to take the DC films and the universe as a whole - similar to Marvel - and it's believed that Geoff Johns, Zack Snyder and David Goyer are apart of this little team. Christopher Nolan, however, is not.

7624 We are told Nolan may still have a hand in Man of Steel 2, though in the same capacity as with Man of Steel.

It appears like they have been doing A LOT of very secretive behind the scenes work. It's currently unknown by our source if they are using a David Goyer doctored Will Beall script or something else for Justice League.

Our source says they are still trying to push for a July 2015 release date for the Justice League movie,  but 2016 is more realistic.

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