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Exclusive: Christopher Nolan Recommends Wes Bentley For New Batman; Jake Gyllenhaal, Luke Evans, Ben Affleck Contenders


Wes Bentley Batman Recommended By Christopher Nolan


CosmicBookNews' DC Entertainment source has provided the following list of names that are said to be offered screen tests for the new Batman alongside Superman Henry Cavill.

We're told one of the spare Dark Knight Trilogy Batman suits will probably be used for the screen test.

The source gave us an update in regards to Tyler Hoechlin in that it looks like production feels he is too young for the role and won't be getting a screen test.

Wes Bentley, Jake Gyllenhaal, Luke Evans, and Ben Affleck are the names provided.

Wes Bentley is said to be Christopher Nolan's recommendation. Bentley has a prominent role in Nolan's Interstellar, which is currently in production.

David Goyer is said to be a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal, with it previously said Gyllenhaal was Goyer's pick for the Dark Knight in Batman Begins.

Luke Evans is an up-and-coming actor who starred alongside Cavill in Immortals, had roles in The Hobbit, Clash of the Titans, Fast and Furious 6, and has landed the lead role in the new Dracula movie.

Affleck, we are told, may decline, but WB is still asking.

Update: Ben Affleck is the new Batman.

There was also a previous rumor about Scott Adkins trying out for the new Batman role, but our source says Adkins definitely hasn't screen tested because auditions have yet to take place. It could be that Adkins auditioned for the stunt double or fight choreographer.

The actual Batman auditions look to begin in September with an announcement not coming until mid-September/October.

Our source recently filled us in that Mark Strong was up for the role of Lex Luthor, which the actor seemed to confirm as well as some scenes and info from the Man of Steel.

Regarding the source's Justice League movie news, that is said to have been in the plans, but Warner Bros. decided to go with a Batman/Superman movie. It's said Zack Snyder wanted a stand alone Man of Steel sequel leading to Justice League, but Snyder recenty stated he has to go the route WB wants him to. Other factors also played into why WB is going with Batman/Superman in 2015.

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Gyllenhaal, Evans & Affleck

Superman/Batman, the sequel to Man of Steel, goes into production next year for a 2015 release starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

For more news on the Man of Steel and related movies head on over to the Cosmic Book News Superman movie hub.

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