Posted by: Matt McGloin
/ 1 year 49 weeks ago

Exclusive: Batman Vs. Superman May Feature Epic Justice League Battle Against JL Villain



With apparent changes in place for Batman Vs. Superman, I reached out to a trusted source at Warner Bros. for some new information.

Full disclosure: This source told me Bryan Cranston was cast as Lex Luthor and also said Cranston changed his mind. The source also told me it didn't look like Mark Strong was going to be able to do the part, so it was "back to the drawing board." Since then, a number of new Lex Luthor rumors hit the net with the latest being Joaquin Phoenix. The source also told me WB TV would be separate than the movie universe, which Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti recently implied.

I inquired about a possible change in direction for Batman Vs. Superman as I noted that Joaquin Phoenix is younger than what it seemed Warner Bros. was previously going for with Bryan Cranston and Mark Strong as Lex Luthor. I also mentioned that a new writer has been brought on board with Ben Affleck's Oscar-award winning screenwriter on Argo, Chris Terrio.

I'm told that Warner Bros. was thinking of an unknown younger actor for the role of Lex Luthor, but looks to have passed on him. So the notion that DC is now looking for a younger actor is correct.

I'm also told it looks as if they have chopped the idea of having a Batman villain in the movie, and it looks likely that three Superman villains will be featured with Luthor, Metallo and Brainiac.

Previously, there was a report about Jason Momoa being in talks for a role in Batman Vs. Superman. I'm told the speculation about Martian Manhunter looks to be correct.

Regarding the use of what looks to be so many superheroes in the movie, I'm told there is a strong possibility that all the heroes that have been rumored will meet up in the last 20 minutes or so of Batman Vs. Superman in an epic battle with the Justice League movie villain - who will debut at that point without any PR fanfare.

"Batman Vs Superman" has a July 17, 2015 release starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane and Gal Gadot.

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