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Drew Pearce's Runaways Movie Not Moving Forward Says Kevin Feige


6344 Drew Pearce, a writer on Iron Man 3, also previously penned a script for Marvel Studios with Runaways.

The Runaways movie script is complete, and it's even been said that Marvel Studios was happy with it, but it got put on hold because of The Avengers and the other film properties.

Well, it looks as if the Runaways movie is on hold permanently as Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige said in a recent interview that when they brought Drew Pearce on board for Iron Man 3, it was after they told him his movie wasn't going forward.

"We had developed a film with Drew Pearce and we didn’t end up making that film," Feige told Marvel.com while discussing Iron Man 3 and how Pearce became involved. "As we were starting to film Marvel’s The Avengers and were finishing up post production on Marvel's Thor and Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger, I was in London and I asked to meet with Drew--who had just been told and was disappointed understandably that we weren’t going to be moving forward with this movie that he’d written--but I asked him about Iron Man 3."

And the rest they say is history as Drew Pearce wrote a 25-page treatment for Iron Man 3 and met with Shane Black, the write/director on the film.

Regarding Runaways, the comic book is about a group of teenagers who realize they are the sons and daughters of a team of super villains.

The film was said to not exactly follow the same path as the comic book, was even put into production with a director attached and a reported casting call, but then was yanked with the reason cited that Marvel Studios was going forth with The Avengers.

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