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Doomsday In The Man of Steel?! Potential Spoiler Surfaces


6071 Not sure what exactly is going about, but we may have another potential spoiler for the Man of Steel.

Earlier, a batch of Man of Steel promo images leaked online featuring looks at Henry Cavill with Amy Adams, and Kevin Costner with Diane Lane.

Now this one isn't exactly "official," but seems to describe something big for the movie if true.

I'm not sure what the original source for this is, but CBN's man in the trenches, Andrew Francis, sent it over. Again.

The meme describes a "creature" for the Man of Steel that five special effects supervisors have been working on for the movie.

They are from WETA Digital and worked on a bunch of other movies. We know Joe Letteri from WETA is working on the movie and previously mentioned some big Krypton scenes, with an action-packed opening.

Could this creature some how be involved? And if so, is it-- Doomsday?! And five visual effects supervisors? Bigger than Doomsday?

I don't recall hearing anything about a creature from the early screenings of the film, so this could just be another "Facebook meme" going around.

Or not.

Man of Steel flies into theaters June 14th.


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