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Doctor Who's The Master Derek Jacobi Wants To Be In Star Wars


4332 Another actor wants to be in Star Wars and this time it's Derek Jacobi known for playing The Master on the Doctor Who radio show as well as the season 3 episode "Utopia."

Derek Jacobi is a classically trained seasoned British actor who says that he could play the mentor role similar to movies like Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Harry Potter.

"I'd love to do my big franchise movie," Jacobi tells the Daily Mail. "Ian [McKellen]'s got his Gandalf, Pat Stewart has his Star Trek, Michael Gambon has got his Dumbledore. They are running out of these old men, you see. I have to be next!"

Alec Guinness played the mentor role in the first Star Wars films; however it must be noted that Disney most likely plans on using Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in that role as it's been said that a new batch of characters will be eventually coming in to take over the Star Wars franchise.

Still, there could definitely be a place for Jacobi as he is already used to playing the villain role -- a new Dark Lord of the Sith, perhaps?

Star Wars Episode VII has a 2015 release date.

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